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    Water Solutions

    Refresh Wisely with a Water Purification System

    Water Systems for Your Ofice

    Sourceline provides the easiest way to enjoy clean, pure water in the office: high performance water purification systems! Our water coolers remove impurities and refresh your staff with healthy, great-tasting drinking water.

    The industry is full of options for breakroom water systems - some simple, others highly sophisticated. Sourceline helps you carefully overlap your office’s needs with the ideal water purification system, factoring in staff size and budget. Our water purifiers offer both a hot and cold water option.

    Beyond providing fresh, clean drinking water to hydrate your team throughout the day, water purification systems are an important part of making excellent coffee.

    Our innovative water purification systems have many advantages:

    • Purest drinking water available
    • Elegant design
    • Innovative, intuitive technology
    • Self-cleaning stainless steel tank
    • Great fresh taste
    • No lifting 42 pound bottles
    • No bottle storage and office clutter
    • No delivery inconvenience and security issues
    • No more contaminated water from airborne bacteria and handling bottles
    • No more over-priced bottled water
    • Reduced burden on landfills  

    Convenient and cost-conscious, water purification systems add quality and affordability. Offer your staff and clients clean, pure refreshment with healthy purified water at the touch of a button - Call for a price quote today!

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